Thursday, 26 January 2017

How to become ISO Internal Auditor ?


This course is designed to dispel the mystery surrounding the terminology used in the internationally recognised ISO 9000 series of standards for quality management systems. It explains all the contents of these standards in a way that is easy to understand. This course will lay the foundation stone of knowledge for the students upon which they can base their quality management system. There are many opportunities to become a lead auditor. ISO Internal auditor training makes you job ready.

As per the market analysis, there are some requirements:-
      Knowledge about system
      Knowledge of Work & Method Study in industry.
      Awareness about Lean Management & Poke-yoke
      Knowledge about Internal Audit, 8D, 5W1H
      PDCA, 7QC Tools, Root Cause Analysis, Failure Mode
      Design of Experiments, 4M, Control of Non-Conforming Product/Services
      Costing, Internal Auditor
      Control of Documents & Records

ISO 9001 lead auditor training

But the rookies are facing competitive race. There are some challenges in front of them as listed below:-

      Less job opportunities
      No understanding:
      Industry System
      Industries Processes
      Improvement Methods
      Quality Tools
      Quality Checks
      Root Cause Analysis
      Problem Solving Analytical Skills
      Auditing Skills
      Implement & improvement of existing system

ISO 9001 lead auditor training

We are Providing the Jr. Quality Assurer course in which they will get the sound knowledge about the industry. The course outline is as described:-
      Internal Auditor Course for ISO 9001 (QMS)
      About System Implementation in companies
      General Process Approach in companies & its Operative Actions
      Target Allocation w.r.t. Cycle Time, Work & Method Study
      Quality Checks (IMIR, LQCR & PDIR)
      7 QC Tools & Other Improvement Methods (Poka-Yoke, 7 Wastes, 5S, PDCA, Kaizen, DOE, 4M, 5W1H, RCA, WWA, CAPA)
      ISO System Implementation (Level 1, 2, 3, 4 documents)
      Conduct Internal Quality Audit (IQA)
      Conduct Management Review Meeting (MRM)

How will the students get benefits from it:-

      Knowledge & implementation of improvement methods.
      Knowledge of establishing manual, procedures, quality instructions for quality management system
      Increased global marketability & enhance customer satisfaction
      Ensure quality assurance at each stage
      Internal auditor for ISO 9001 standard
      Make corrective & preventive actions to eliminate the cause of non-conformities
      Knowledge of system & its implementation
      Certified lead internal auditor for ISO 9001 standard
      Implementation of improvements methods
      How to reduce costs
      Dynamic profile

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